ISD Adopts D-Cubed AEM for Accurate Motion Simulation

ISD Licenses and Releases D-Cubed Software Component in HiCAD Solution

ISD Software and Systeme GmbH (“ISD”), a leading provider of software for mechanical engineering, plant engineering, sheet metal processing and steel and metal engineering, has licensed Siemens PLM Software’s D-Cubed software and released it in the 2014 version of its HiCAD product line. ISD selected the D-Cubed Assembly Engineering Manager (AEM) component to provide a motion simulation capability.

HiCAD provides fast, efficient product development in 2D and 3D for mechanical engineering, plant engineering, sheet metal processing and turnkey solutions for steel, glass, metal and facade engineering. The new AEM integration enables you to simulate the motion of parts in mechanisms and assemblies. Since AEM operates directly on the CAD model, you can perform motion studies interactively and model moving part interactions with a high degree of accuracy. As a HiCAD user, you can also add a range of forces and engineering devices supported by AEM, including linear/rotational motors and gravity, to model a wider range of systems. You can simulate the physical function of digital assemblies at an early stage of the design process and without specialist training, which helps eliminate costly errors later in the product development cycle.

D-Cubed AEM supports contact-based motion simulation in HiCAD

D-Cubed AEM supports contact-based motion simulation in HiCAD (image courtesy of EPM Automation)

Integrating AEM builds on ISD’s long-established use of D-Cubed geometric constraint solvers. HiCAD already benefits from an integration of the D-Cubed 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager (DCM) for parametric sketching and the 3D DCM for parametric part positioning in HiCAD’s assembly environment.

“D-Cubed AEM is an important tool that combines geometric accuracy, interactivity and ease of use to deliver a unique solution in the field of motion simulation,” said Dr. Markus Grunwald, Technical Director, ISD. “Licensing this solution is the latest milestone in a successful, long-term partnership in which Siemens PLM Software has proven its ongoing commitment to support its customers with high quality technology that is cost-effectively deployed.”

“While the D-Cubed brand is often associated with the de facto standard for geometric constraint solving, the portfolio is comprised of six components that satisfy a broader range of requirements, including motion simulation,” said Paul Sicking, senior vice president, Chief Technology Office, Siemens PLM Software. “We look forward to supporting ISD as it joins a growing number of organizations who are expanding their use of D-Cubed components to provide their customers with new and advanced capabilities.”

About ISD Software and Systeme GmbH

ISD Software and Systeme GmbH is a leading developer of CAD, PDM/PLM and product configuration software. Its HiCAD, HELiOS and HELiCON software solutions are the ideal tools for engineering process optimization.

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