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Product Tour - Obtaining the Results

After the CDM has computed the results, the application can request any of the following information:

  • Whether there are any collisions
  • A list of all colliding faces and parts
  • A list of all parts that are entirely enclosing other parts
  • A list of pairs of colliding parts
  • How to move interpenetrating parts so that they are touching
  • The closest approach between parts

This information can be used to display the location of collisions and the value of clearances.

The temporary CDM model is deleted when no longer required by the application.


The CDM enables interactive collision and clearance calculations on models that use exact geometry as well as faceted approximations. The benefit of using exact geometry when available is that no false collisions are reported nor any true collisions missed. A major performance optimisation is to avoid unnecessarily repeating computations as parts are added, removed, modified or moved during each new step in the assembly design and mechanism simulation process. 

The CDM is compatible with any model definition, though independent of any particular modeller. Simple to integrate and causing no disruption to existing data-structures, it can rapidly add value to an application by enhancing the productivity of the end-users. 

For further information, please contact D-Cubed.

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