D-Cubed Component Benefits

Some of the reasons why application developers choose to use the D-Cubed components include:

Lower risk: Our components provide the functionality required by some of the more complex sub-systems that are used in most applications. Using this proven component software to address these requirements removes the risk of major development overruns.

Lower cost: Many man-years of development have gone into each of our components, yet an integration takes only a few man-months of your development resources. Ongoing developments are undertaken by a substantial team supported by a large customer base. Undertaking similar developments in-house will require the long-term commitment of a team of technically talented software personnel. Selecting our components enables your company to concentrate on developing novel end-user functionality that is of specific competitive value.

Proven commercial value: Many software development organizations have been using our components for a number of years, including the majority of the leading mechanical CAD vendors. Our components have been associated with the success of most of the newer mechanical CAD systems. This is powerful evidence that they can be integrated with a wide variety of applications, providing commercially valuable end-user capabilities.

Siemens PLM Software as a reliable partner: With a continuous commitment to the development of components over many years, Siemens PLM Software is widely recognized as a well established and reliable partner. Our large customer base enables us to be confident of being able to maintain our commitment in the future.

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