PLM Components Benefits

Substantial benefits from PLM software components for new and existing 3D software development organizations

Licensing components to build a new software application – rather than reinventing the wheel with a proprietary solution – is often an easy decision. For more established software applications, switching to an alternative solution for innovative design, manufacturing or simulation capabilities may require more careful consideration. The broad set of unique PLM Components benefits makes licensing our solutions an attractive option for new and established 3D software development companies.

Continuous Innovation

We have vast experience and expertise in supplying a portfolio of complementary toolkit solutions to CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM developers. We serve the largest customer base in the PLM software industry with continuous innovation that supports pioneering applications in emerging areas such as cloud-based services and direct modeling while never losing focus on the broader requirements of existing customers, such as product stability and performance.

Proven Technology Available Off-the-shelf

You can integrate component solutions in a fraction of the time it takes to develop an alternative solution in-house, which minimizes cost, risks and time-to-market. Using our product training and integration resources, you can concentrate your resources and expertise on differentiating your products from your competitors.

Our research and development teams and continuous focus on performance and innovation ensure that you keep pace with end-user demands for new, improved and reliable application functionality. Regular software component releases include new functionality and are compatible with subsequent and previous releases to maximize component interoperability.


Exceptional quality has been achieved through extensive real-word commercial applications for our software components, which have been adopted more widely than any alternative solutions. Additionally, we perform intensive internal testing, running millions of tests that validate quality throughout software development and release processes that are certified to ISO9001 quality standards.

Large, Committed Customer Base

The substantial, long-term business relationships we have developed drive our ongoing investment in maintaining our leading technical position for the benefit of our customers. We continually optimize our software components based on feedback from the largest customer base in the PLM components industry and the vision of industry experts across CAD, CAM, CAE and AEC. More than 240 companies license PLM Components for use in 350 commercial applications used by six million software end-users.

Reliable Business Partner

Software vendors place very high value on security of supply. Siemens PLM Software has a proven track record in the reliable, long-term supply of its component technologies to other software vendors, including its competitors. We have unparalleled experience and expertise in consistently delivering the right technology to millions of customers, earning trust and respect from software vendors over decades. With our open approach to business, PLM components customers get access to the same technology we use in our own applications.

Strong Brand Recognition

The global brand recognition of products such as Parasolid, D-Cubed and Kineo creates additional value for you because end-users are familiar with the quality and functionality of these embedded solutions.

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