CAE Software Components

Leading computer-aided engineering applications adopt PLM Components

The computer-aided engineering (CAE) software industry demands continuous improvements in software application functionality, robustness, interoperability and value. Parasolid, D-Cubed, Kineo and the JT Open toolkit are used as CAE software components to meet the demands for many 3D software development teams, including:

  • Adina R&D
  • Allied Engineering
  • Altair Engineering
  • Applied Design Analysis Corp
  • Autodesk
  • AVL
  • CD-Adapco
  • CoMeT Solutions
  • Comsol
  • Dassault Systèmes/Simulia
  • EM Software & Systems
  • ESI
  • ESRD
  • Function Bay
  • MIDAS Information Technology
  • MSC.Software
  • Numeca International
  • Siemens PLM Software
  • Simmetrix
  • Software Cradle

Customers use these components to improve interoperability between their CAE applications and other products as well as provide a wide range of integrated, CAE-specific design and preprocessing capabilities.

CAE Applications and Data Interoperability

Parasolid enables CAE applications to reliably exchange models with the vast number of design and simulation applications that support the Parasolid XT format. Parasolid supports data in other formats with advanced modeling capabilities, such as tolerance to models, together with data translators and the Parasolid Bodyshop data repair tool. The JT Open toolkit enables software vendors to rapidly facilitate 3D data visualization and collaboration with the JT format – the ISO standard for viewing and sharing 3D digital product information.

Preprocessor Enhancements

The Parasolid components offer a range of powerful capabilities to enhance and modify imported models for CAE processes. For example, Parasolid Bodyshop repairs and optimizes models by sewing surfaces into solids, converting geometries to simpler forms, improving the accuracy of tolerant geometries and removing small geometries. Advanced model simplification, interrogation functionality and tessellation (facet) generation support the creation of high-quality input to the analysis process.

Integrated Design Capability

Many CAE systems offer integrated model editing, reducing their users’ reliance on separate solutions. The comprehensive modeling capabilities in Parasolid are complemented by the D-Cubed 2D DCM and 3D DCM which provide a range of parametric design capabilities, including parametric shape optimization. For CAE vendors that offer add-ons to other Parasolid-based CAD systems, integrating Parasolid can offer faster, more comprehensive access to the modeler compared with access through the API of the CAD system.

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