Cloud-ready 3D Software Components

Leading Software Components for Cloud-based Design, Manufacturing and Simulation

The race is on. You know time-to-market is critical in the rapidly advancing world of cloud application development. How are you going to capitalize on exciting new market opportunities before your competition does?

Our 3D software components for cloud applications provide your team with an immediate foundation for building robust, feature rich design, manufacturing and simulation capabilities into cloud native and cloud deployable applications. You will benefit from the same industry leading features delivered in Parasolid, D-Cubed and Kineo components to over 350 commercial desktop applications and six million end users. Collectively, these 3D software components for cloud provide you with:

  • Proven functionality, performance and quality that reduce risk, cost and time-to-market
  • Platform-neutral, thread-safe solutions that employ many parallel processing techniques to harness the computational performance of cloud servers
  • Flexible licensing options that enable customers to support a wide range of business models on the cloud

Cloud native pioneers are relying on our 3D software components to propel their applications.


Onshape is applying cloud, web and mobile technologies to computer-aided design (CAD). Onshape integrates Parasolid and D-Cubed to support a fully-featured design and modeling capability that can be used anywhere, anytime on any device.

“Parasolid and D-Cubed components proved themselves to be the leading technologies for us to deliver the best possible products to our future customers.”

- Jon Hirschtick, Founder and Chairman, Onshape


GrabCAD specializes in cloud-based product data management (PDM). GrabCAD licenses Parasolid to provide 3D model interrogation, inspection and visualization within its Workbench application.

“Parasolid has shown strong performance independent of operating systems and presentation frameworks, making it an ideal solution for cloud-based applications like ours.”

-Jon Stevenson, Vice President of Technology, GrabCAD


Zazzle is a leading platform for creating high-quality, customized consumer products. Zazzle licenses Parasolid to extend their server-based product customization capabilities. With a zero-regression approach to delivering our solutions across all platforms, cloud-based solutions benefit from the same rich functionality, high-quality and exceptional performance that apply to traditional workstation deployments.

“Parasolid will allow us to deliver higher levels of customization for increasingly complex products. Its capabilities, stability and performance make it well suited for an e-commerce platform.”

-Bobby Beaver, CTO, Zazzle

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