Data and Process Management

Use NX CAM and Teamcenter to Connect Your Manufacturing Engineering and Production Teams

Teamcenter provides centralized data and process management that enables manufacturing engineering and production teams to work together using a single source of information. Connecting the NX manufacturing applications to a centralized database establishes a basis for an extended part manufacturing solution.

Single Source of Product and Process Knowledge

Single Source of Product and Process Knowledge

Centralized data management for your product and process knowledge delivers many benefits:

  • Reduce time spent searching for information by up to 65 percent.
  • Eliminate costly errors and rework by ensuring the correct data is used.
  • Manage resource data for tooling, fixtures and machinery.
  • Reduce costs by re-using and sharing product and process information.
  • Control information for compliance and quality management.

Instant Collaboration

Instant Collaboration

You can easily and securely communicate with your team and everybody else involved in a project by using centralized data and process management capabilities:

  • Share information instantly using virtual conferencing with your suppliers, partners and customers.
  • Accelerate your change management process by using integrated 3D visualization for viewing, markup and analysis of a part.
  • Engage in real-time decision-making through online application sharing.

Connect Planning to Production

Connect Planning to Production

Centralized data and process management provides a unified data source so you can ensure that the correct manufacturing plan is sent to the shop floor.

  • Reduce production errors by providing access to the correct manufacturing plan data from the shop floor.
  • Easily send part manufacturing work packages to shop floor systems such as DNC.
  • Ensure consistency across the process from planning to execution.

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