NX CAM 2.5-Axis Milling

Advanced Programming for 2.5-Axis Machining

You can quickly program prismatic parts with the 2.5-axis milling software module in NX. The advanced programming capabilities enable you to easily create intelligent tool paths with minimum input.

NX CAM 2.5-axis milling offers a wide range of automated cutting strategies, including optimized roughing, rest milling, and feature-based machining.

Volume-Based 2.5-Axis Milling

Volume-Based 2.5-Axis Milling

With NX CAM, you can program prismatic parts faster by previewing and specifying a sequence of volumes to be machined.

The volume-based 2.5-axis milling processor presents you with the current in-process workpiece (IPW), allows you to pick the defining faces of a machining volume, and then displays the calculated cut levels and the updated IPW.


With the flexible roughing strategies in NX CAM you can machine any shape with intelligent multi-level cutting patterns. The generated cut levels automatically correspond to the part’s horizontal faces.

The efficient roughing strategies include offset, plunge milling, and trochoidal tool paths.

Automated Rest Machining

For re-roughing, NX automatically cuts only the areas un-machined by previous roughing operations. The IPW capability keeps track of workpiece nominal shape after each operation, and calculates the uncut area

You can use smaller tools for corner cleanout, and longer tools for deep reaches.

Z-Level Finishing

You can machine vertical or drafted walls of prismatic parts with Z-level or waterline finishing. This cutting method maximizes continuous tool-to-material contact to achieve a consistent stock finish.


The 2.5-axis milling software module in NX provides extensive hole-making functions, including spot drill, drill, ream bore and tap.

User-defined cycles add even more flexibility to the hole making capability. Efficient and safe traverses minimize lifts while accounting for all part and fixture geometry.

High-Speed Machining (HSM)

NX provides specialized HSM patterns. The HSM tool paths feature smooth corners, stepovers, engages and retracts for the highest possible feed rates.

The trochoidal roughing pattern automatically prevents you from exceeding permissible cutting conditions based on specified criteria.

The included machining data library enables you to optimize spindle speeds, feed rates and engagement depths for maximum safe material removal.

Feature-Based Machining

You can automatically create optimized NC programs directly from part design models by using feature-based machining (FBM) in NX. FBM automatically recognizes and programs a wide range of machining feature types including holes, pockets and slots.

FBM can save up to 90 percent on NC programming time by automating routine tasks in NX.

Generic Motion Control

With NX you can build step-by-step tool motion with interactive drag handles. The graphically driven programming enables you to create complete 2.5-axis milling tool paths quickly. You can easily control the tool by selecting and moving the 3D tool model on the screen.

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