Template-Based Design

Use CAD Templates Created in NX Product Template Studio to Accelerate and Standardize Design Processes

Re-use of design information and process knowledge helps you reduce costs, increase innovation and boost efficiency in product design. NX supports your re-use strategies with template-based design. You can readily use parametric product models as templates for new designs, incorporating your product and process knowledge within the template to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to develop product variants.

Create CAD Templates without Programming

NX Product Template Studio is a tool for creating product templates that can be used throughout your development team. Working from existing parametric models, Product Template Studio helps you package design assets for re-use. With simple drag-and-drop tools, you can quickly and easily create custom interfaces that control design inputs and engineering operations for templates.

Automate Processes with Product Templates

With NX product templates, you can automate much more than design modeling. To automate and standardize engineering processes, you can incorporate product and manufacturing information, drawings, motion analysis, structural simulation, and validation checking into the templates.

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