Knowledge Re-Use

Improve Productivity and Reduce Cost through Design Re-Use

Too many engineering projects incur excessive rework because you do not realize that a current engineering problem has already been solved. Frequently, companies are unaware that existing knowledge – parts, products and processes – can be used in new projects.

Savings from maximizing part re-use can extend across multiple domains and their related processes, including part design, inspection, engineering analysis, engineering change orders, workflow, NC programming, documentation, shop floor instructions, sourcing, resource planning, assembly instructions, manufacturing, spare part management and many other functions.

NX CAD Re-Use Library

NX Re-use Library

NX gives you a common repository for locating re-usable knowledge on an enterprise basis, providing an extensible library of knowledge for re-use at your fingertips: re-usable designs, standard parts, design features and product templates. You can quickly locate what you need and drag-and-drop the object into your design.


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Customization and Programming

Synchronous Technology

NX CAD programming and customization tools help you extend and tailor solution capabilities to your specific needs. These tools can be employed by product development personnel and application developers to capture, re-use and consistently apply best practices in product development.


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3D Search Engine

3D Search Engine

NX is fully integrated with the Geolus Search 3D search engine, which can rapidly find parts similar to a given example based on its geometry. The ability to re-use parts and information provides savings in design time, cost estimating, procurement, manufacturing and inventory.


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