Reverse Engineering

Rapidly Create CAD Models from Physical Objects

With a highly flexible approach to reverse engineering, NX helps you reduce the time required to develop CAD models from physical objects. Whether you are creating Class A surfaces from clay models, creating implants or prosthetics from anatomical scans, or updating designs from existing products, NX reverse engineering software streamlines the creation of high-quality CAD geometry from scanned data.

Easily Import and Optimize Scanned Data

NX directly imports polygon facet data acquired by scanning physical objects, and helps you evaluate and prepare it for subsequent use. You can evaluate the facet bodies for smoothness, curvature, and draft, and clean up the scanned data by filling holes, subdividing, snipping, decimating, and smoothing. The polygon data can be used directly for rapid prototyping, finite element analysis (FEA), NC machining, rendering and other applications.

Faster Modeling from Scanned Data

With rapid surfacing tools in NX, you can automatically fit curves, splines and surfaces to the faceted data, creating precise CAD geometry for subsequent design engineering. NX also includes tools for comparing the scanned data to the CAD geometry in order to maintain tolerances. The resulting models help accelerate downstream design, simulation and manufacturing processes.

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