Generative Design in NX

Changing the way products come to life

Compressed schedules often force engineers to choose the first feasible design option. By mimicking nature’s evolutionary approach, generative design empowers you to identify the best design sooner while reducing the number of iterations needed, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Generative design in NX combines tools for topology optimization, advanced geometry creation, free-form shapes, parametric design, and facet or mesh modeling.

Topology Optimization

NX enables you to create and optimize a completely new generation of products by taking performance requirements into account right from the start. Automated calculations iterate until optimized geometry is achieved. The resulting organic shapes are lightweight and meet all performance requirements. NX also uses HEEDS® multidisciplinary design exploration software to automate the design exploration process.

Convergent Modeling™ technology

NX gives you unparalleled power when it comes to working with models created using topology optimization. By combining facet, surface and solid modeling in a single integrated environment, NX eliminates the need for reverse engineering. You can simply model with the topology optimization results directly. Convergent Modeling, compared with traditional modeling techniques, is 10 times faster.

NX Realize Shape™

NX Realize Shape is an exciting design method that uses advanced subdivision shape creation to rapidly create concept designs. Using a simple “cage” to manipulate the faces, engineers can explore new design ideas without the need for expert knowledge. Fully integrated into the software, NX Realize Shape is another tool that helps you explore design possibilities quickly and easily.

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