Mastertrim Platforms and Interfaces

Providing Open and Complete Software Solutions

Essential to delivering innovative products and processes is the ability to connect your own systems and the systems of your suppliers to encourage collaboration and data exchange in a secure and scalable environment. You need open software solutions to do this. Siemens PLM Software provides open and complete products, enabling integration with other enterprise and legacy systems and delivering comprehensive solutions that support the entire product development cycle. Our software delivers world-class performance designed to match your specific business needs.


The best way to create a world-class product development environment tailored specifically to the needs of your product and process is to complement your existing systems, enabling you to leverage the investments you've already made. To accomplish this, we have teamed up with the developers of major commercial 3D CAD systems to fully integrate Mastertrim software for engineering transportation seating and interior components into the following CAD platforms:

  • Siemens NX
  • Dassault Systèmes CATIA


We work with the world's leading software and equipment suppliers to facilitate the introduction and adoption of the latest industry innovations. Together we provide complete, end-to-end solutions for engineering transportation seating and interior components that enhance and streamline your product development environment. Mastertrim features both proprietary and standard interfaces with customer cost models and 2D pattern editing software for optimizing designs, aligning and placing notches and minimizing material waste. Mastertrim also shares data with enterprise PLM systems to enable efficient generation of bills of materials (BOMs), data management, database connections and change management.

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