Mastertrim 14

Sew Line Creation and Manipulation

Sew Line Creation and Manipulation

Sew line geometry can be tedious to generate requiring a high level of design expertise within the CAD system. Mastertrim 14 introduces two new utilities that enable easy creation and manipulation of the geometry required for defining sew lines from directly within the Mastertrim environment. Using a point-and-click interface the user has easy control over seam locations. Supporting patented technology ensures the connectivity of all sew line details including symmetry and stylistic features enabling the user to create an optimal seat trim design.

Rule-based Notch Generation

Rule-based Notch Generation

There is no one standard set of rules for placing notches on flat patterns, in fact most companies will have their own custom rules in order to ensure an efficient manufacturing process. Now with Mastertrim 14 users can define notches based on a pre-defined set of rules. For example, notches can be automatically placed at the intersection of every sew line (or a select number of sew lines), or a castle notch placed at the start and end of every attachment that is sewn to a pattern. Users will also be alerted if a design change requires an update to the notch placement, enabling automated updating if desired. By providing rule-based notch generation capabilities users can ensure data consistency based on company design standards significant time and minimizing rework.

Documentation Enhancements

Documentation Enhancements

Mastertrim 14 provides two new documentation capabilities improving communication of design intent – cross section generation and labeling of manufacturing operations. Utilizing a customizable database of images for sew line types and attachments, a cross section (or multiple cross sections) can be generated that displays the correct image at the location in the 3D design. With the cross section directly linked to the master model, the user will be alerted to out-of-date cross sections when design changes are made and the sections can be automatically updated. Mastertrim 14 also provides new capabilities for the placement and labeling of manufacturing operations on flat pattern layouts. Part documentation is critical to ensure design accuracy, and with the flexibility to display and label required manufacturing operations,, as well as include sewing reports, users can supply the required details directly on the engineering drawing to ensure optimal manufacturing.

Teamcenter Integration

Teamcenter, a leading product lifecycle management (PLM) software, enables companies to deliver increasingly complex products to market while maximizing productivity and streamline global operations. Mastertrim 14 builds upon its already tight integration with Teamcenter delivering additional functionality that exports 3D generated flat patterns directly into Teamcenter maintaining the program data structure. This functionality delivers unparalleled capability flexible to fit any enterprise process – author in Mastertrim, manage in Teamcenter.

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Use the following resources to explore the Mastertrim software for designing and manufacturing innovative transportation seat systems and interior components.

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