LMS Virtual.Lab Structures

Multi-solver FEA modeling and analysis

Through its seamless integration with Dassault Systèmes Catia® V5 and the open SIMULIA platform, LMS Virtual.Lab Structures offers a fully integrated or standalone FEA modeling preprocessing and postprocessing environment for linear, nonlinear and crash analysis.

LMS Virtual.Lab Structures includes component, subsystem and full vehicle modeling and assembly in all development cycle stages – from concept to detailed engineering. You can analyze component and assembly characteristics and behaviors within the same environment while remaining fully associated with the original CAD models.

The common toolset eliminates time consuming and error-prone file conversions and data translations, increases engineering productivity, improves the quality and consistency of analysis results and accelerates engineering iterations.

FEA Pre/Post

Structures - FEA Pre/Post

LMS Virtual.Lab FEA Pre/Post is the standard configuration for simulation engineers performing linear, nonlinear and crash finite element analysis using industry standard solvers. The preprocessing and postprocessing configuration lets you import models or meshes from industry standard solver formats, check and fix quality aspects, perform additional mesh modeling, set up load and boundary conditions, drive the preferred solver and postprocessing results.


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Structures - Meshing

LMS Virtual.Lab Meshing is a complete configuration for geometry healing, meshing and performing linear, nonlinear and crash finite element analysis (FEA) using industry standard solvers. The meshing engine combines a basic and advanced mesher for automatic and associative generation of a finite element model on wireframe, surface or solid geometries.


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Structures Options

Structures - Options

Options for the LMS Virtual.Lab Structures product line include geometry creation, AFC interoperability, crash preprocessing, coupling assistant for crash safety simulations, assembly, vehicle concept modeling, mesh morphing, CAD interfaces and more.


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