LMS Virtual.Lab Optimization

Design optimization ranging from design space exploration with design of experiments techniques to robust design

LMS Virtual.Lab Optimization offers integrated optimization technology across all LMS Virtual.Lab applications to:

  • Assess and optimize the overall quality of the product design
  • Identify key parameters that have the most influence on the design specifications
  • Optimize the functional performance of products through parametric modification of geometry, material or other design variables
  • Compute product robustness and reliability

LMS Virtual.Lab Optimization helps design and analysis engineers increase their knowledge and gain insight about the product design. With a few mouse clicks, you can easily understand the relationship between input parameters such as dimensions and inertia properties or understand how the maximum stress of a component or system changes in relation to its dimensions. You can easily specify design objectives and constraints; LMS Virtual.Lab Optimization will automatically determine the optimal settings for the design to meet the targeted constraints and objectives.

LMS Virtual.Lab Optimization enables the definition and execution of Design Space Exploration, Optimization and Robust Design studies within LMS Virtual.Lab.

Standard Optimization

Virtual.Lab Optimization

LMS Virtual.Lab Optimization improves the efficiency of LMS Virtual.Lab-based engineering processes by accelerating exploration of design alternatives, finding the optimal solution to design problems and modeling uncertainty to manage risk. Typically used with Response Surface Modeling, Design Space Exploration automatically visualizes the design space through design of experiments (DoE) techniques.


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Advanced Optimization

Virtual.Lab Advanced Optimization

LMS Virtual.Lab Advanced Optimization incorporates additional optimization methods as well as multi-objective optimization and robust design techniques. Global Optimization solves general constrained optimization problems. The Multi-objective Optimization module helps optimize designs with two or more competing objectives. You can study the result variation and build higher quality products by making the design more robust and reliable..


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