Real-Time Solver

Real-time multibody solver for HiL simulation and driving simulators

LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Real-Time Solver provides a run-time license to solve multibody systems in real time so you can perform hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulation as well as driving simulator tests with high fidelity models for unmatched numerical stability and accuracy.

Models can run on different CPU cores to leverage the parallel solving capabilities available on most common HiL simulation target platforms. Very detailed multibody models can be solved in real-time with easy access to all main properties – such as mass and inertia of bodies, bushings characteristics and type of connections – without any reduction of the model complexity. This allows for more accurate simulation results and less modeling effort by using one model for offline and real-time analysis.

Based on a breakthrough deterministic implicit formulation, Real-Time Solver supports hybrid 3D-1D models. The tight integration of Real-Time Solver with LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim provides access to several libraries of 1D subsystems and components (mechanical, electric, hydraulic) for multi-rate real-time simulation of mechatronic systems.

Real-Time Solver Capabilities

Real-Time Solver Capabilities

Real-Time Solver provides you with these features:

  • Deterministic implicit solver with parallel solution approach for multicore solving
  • Mode Link element for automatic model splitting
  • Automatic export of the model as a C-code executable
  • Support for most common HiL platforms

Real-Time Solver Benefits

Real-Time Solver Benefits

Real-Time Solver helps you:

  • Use the same model for off-line and real-time simulations
  • Perform controller validation and verification through HiL tests
  • Gain improved accuracy from detailed multibody models and co-simulation with LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim
  • Directly access physical parameters in the model for seamless analysis of the impact of modifications on vehicle performance
  • Minimize solving time for large simulation runs such as sensitivity analysis and optimization loops
  • Extend capabilities by integration with third-party software
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