LMS Virtual.Lab Durability

Durability analysis for optimal product performance

The most challenging task for durability engineers is efficiently designing fail-safe components and systems. System parts with insufficient fatigue strength may cause permanent structural damage and potentially life-threatening situations. Additionally, short design cycles, more design variants and increased use of new lightweight materials increase the complexity of the durability analysis process.

From years of customer and research institute experience, LMS Virtual.Lab Durability tightly integrates virtual prototyping aspects including finite element (FE), modal analysis, multibody simulation and fatigue-life prediction. You can quickly explore and optimize the structural strength and fatigue life on component and system assembly levels in time and frequency domains.

LMS Virtual.Lab Durability executes fast and accurate durability analysis predictions. Dedicated postprocessing capabilities provide immediate feedback regarding all critical durability areas, critical loads and critical events so you can:

  • Validate more design variants for fatigue life within shorter development cycles
  • Use durability analysis to simulate performance of large and complex systems
  • Optimize durability performance with lightweight and eco-friendly materials
  • Better understand and improve fatigue testing

Component Fatigue

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LMS Virtual.Lab Component Fatigue is a complete solution to accurately assess the fatigue performance of individual components in one, integrated simulation environment. By combining component loads derived from prototype measurements or multibody simulations, FE-based stress results and cyclic fatigue material parameters, you can predict fatigue hotspots and fatigue life as well as optimize the component design.


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System-level Fatigue

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LMS Virtual.Lab System-level Fatigue optimizes and analyzes subsystem and assembly strength and fatigue. You can calculate component loads from prescribed system motion through multibody simulation. The component loads are combined with structural stresses. You can apply material fatigue parameters to predict the component fatigue hotspots and corresponding fatigue life.


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Vibration Fatigue

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LMS Virtual.Lab Vibration Fatigue provides methodological tools for durability assessment, a simple and consistent setup and highly efficient analysis methods, including random and deterministic loads in the frequency domain. The solver also combines well known methodologies with technology breakthroughs as well as seam and spot weld capabilities for highly accurate results.


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Durability Options

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Options for the LMS Virtual.Lab Durability product line include stackable durability parallel processing, spot weld modeling, seam weld modeling, thermal fatigue and durability optimization.


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