Throughput Recorder

Safe and convenient data throughput

LMS Test.Xpress Throughput Recorder is a functionality available on the LMS Test.Xpress platform that helps you stream data to your PC and save long data sequences at high bandwidth while maintaining flexible data visualization and manipulation. LMS SCADAS data acquisition systems support the LMS Test.Xpress software for data acquisition and data throughput recording.

For your convenience, data throughput is also available in standalone mode. A wireless smart remote control helps you monitor and validate acquired data. Full data security is enabled with parallel data throughput to host PCs and CompactFlash cards. Advanced triggering capabilities with pre/post trigger capabilities enable the system to operate independently and start data recording when a specific event occurs.

Throughput Recorder Capabilities

Throughput Recorder provides you with these features:

  • Throughput at full bandwidth on all channels
  • PC-controlled or standalone mode with wireless smart remote
  • Analysis of saved data files while new data is measured
  • Advanced triggering possibilities
  • Flexible data postprocessing
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