Order Analyzer

Perform order analysis and easily calculate order maps, single order cuts and overall order levels

LMS Test.Xpress Order Analyzer provides the right combination of acquisition and analysis capabilities. Order Analyzer enables you to perform order analysis and enables calculation, visualization and storage of the data in the order domain. You can use order analysis for both stationary and transient (tracked) type of signals.

In stationary signals, you can average order blocks in different ways to obtain an averaged order spectrum. In transient signals, such as run-up/run-down, you can visualize data in a waterfall to see the evolution of the different orders as a function of engine speed or visualize and compare different single order levels with the overall level.

The Order Analyzer calculates order maps, single order cuts and overall order levels . The system resamples data relative to a specific RPM or speed channel and clearly shows all speed related phenomena. For industrial applications, the order analysis solution offers tacho conditioning and digital processing tools for accurate measurement results, even in rapidly accelerating shafts.

Order Analyzer Capabilities

Order Analyzer provides you with these features:

  • Real-time high-precision order tracking
  • Two dedicated tacho conditioning inputs
  • Up to 1/64 order resolution and maximum order 512
  • Any dynamic channel as speed input
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