Modal Impact Testing

Easy and interactive measurement using impact hammer excitation

LMS Test.Xpress Modal Impact Testing supports interactive and easy measurement using impact hammer excitation according to “roving” or “fixed hammer” techniques. With Modal Impact Testing, you can perform modal testing within the LMS Test.Xpress environment, from measuring frequency responses to performing modal analysis using impact hammer frequency response function measurements for simultaneous response channels.

The calibration wizard guides you through the calibration process. At any time you can view calibrator and channel information as well as visualize your data in time and frequency domains. The trigger detection wizard fully automates impact hammer trigger detection. Modal Impact Testing features powerful capabilities to automate specific measurement campaigns – from measurement setup and dedicated postprocessing to final report generation in Microsoft® Office®.

Modal Impact Testing Capabilities

Modal Impact Testing provides you with these features:

  • Real-time and parallel measurement including windowed/unwindowed time data, APS, frequency response functions (FRF) and coherence
  • Trigger setting wizard for hammer hit
  • Versatile graphical displays for measurement control
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