FFT Analyzer

Powerful real-time FFT analysis

Designed for optimal productivity, LMS Test.Xpress FFT Analyzer provides the right combination of acquisition and analysis capabilities. The fast Fourier transform (FFT) analyzer shows instant results and saves raw time data for backup or further postprocessing. The real-time FFT Analyzer offers easy access to advanced online tools such as filtering, smoothing and averaging and a mathematical combination of channels. In combination with specific solutions for ISO certification testing, FFT Analyzer provides a full platform for all daily tasks to:

  • Perform real-time FFT, order, octave and throughput in parallel while displaying real-time results on screen
  • Immediately validate data quality and diagnose problems during measurements

The FFT analysis in LMS Test.Xpress offers real-time FFT analysis, power spectral density (PSD), cross powers, frequency response functions (FRF), coherences and more. You can determine resonances, damping values and harmonic content from the frequency spectrum. All functions can be averaged or tracked to a specific channel. The FFT analysis can be combined with any of the other analyzer functions in LMS Test.Xpress.

FFT Analyzer Capabilities

FFT Analyzer provides you with these features:

  • Real-time narrow-band frequency analysis
  • Multiple real-time frequency calculations on one data set
  • Impact functionality
  • Simultaneous multi-analysis without performance loss
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