Durability Analyzer

Speed and accuracy in one package for efficient durability testing

LMS Test.Xpress Durability Analyzer is a dedicated setup, calibration and data validation software application that enables quick and easy system configurations and swift data delivery for durability testing.

The Durability Analyzer is specifically tuned for handling challenging setups, including a large number of channels. An active worksheet shows all channels at a glance, providing quick access to all signal conditioning settings in an intuitive and interactive way. The application allows you to prepare measurement setups at the office and save these settings directly on the CompactFlash (CF) card.

During instrumentation and test preparation, the signal quality is assessed through accurate calibration and real-time signal checks on a multitude of displays, including multichannel digital oscilloscope, overload, level and digital. Efficient durability testing requires quick, accurate and high quality data delivery. The Durability Analyzer lets you perform the final validation during data upload from a CF card. The application maximizes Windows® standard, XML-based reporting. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily drag and drop data in displays, copy and paste displays or use the default reports in HTML, Microsoft® Word® or Excel® formats.

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