LMS Test.Lab Structures

Straightforward structural dynamics and modal testing

LMS Test.Lab Structures is a comprehensive suite of structural dynamics and modal testing and analysis software. Characterizing the structural dynamics of a structure used to be a long and complex process involving quite extensive trial-and-error and time-consuming test setups. This is no longer the case. With LMS Test.Lab Structures and the LMS SCADAS system, it’s easier to perform large-scale modal surveys – in hours rather than days.

You can focus on identifying root causes of vibration problems and apply powerful analysis tools to explore the best solution for practically every structural weakness. Our modal testing experience – from impact testing of small structures to large-scale campaigns using hundreds of measurement channels, helps you maximize testing efficiency.

Impact Testing

LMS Test.Lab Impact Testing provides you with a complete solution for modal testing using an impact hammer. The solution’s range of capability allows roving hammer with fix accelerometer or fix hammer point with all accelerometers on the structure for frequency transfer function measurement for either experimental modal analysis or transfer path analysis.


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MIMO FRF Testing

LMS Test.Lab MIMO FRF Testing gives you a productive state-of-the-art modal testing solution, ranging from random, pseudo, periodic random excitation and to replay measured time signals as excitation signals, up to 16 shakers


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Operational Deflection Shape and Time Animation

LMS Test.Lab Operational Deflection Shape and Time Animation provides you with a mobile and lab solution to measure and visualize the structural deformation of test items under operational loads.


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Modal Analysis

LMS Test.Lab Modal Analysis offers you the tools and functions required for experimental modal analysis. The tools help you easily create FRF sets, perform fast and easy modal parameter estimation, validate modal models and compare original FRFs with synthesized ones.


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Operational Modal Analysis

LMS Test.Lab Operational Modal Analysis provides an in-operation testing solution for modal parameter identification – starting from user selected segments of time data measured on a structure in operating conditions.


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Order-based Modal Analysis

The LMS Test.Lab Order-based Modal Analysis is designed to help you investigate the structural dynamic behavior of rotating machinery under run-up or coast down operating conditions.


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MIMO Sine Sweep Testing

LMS Test.Lab MIMO Sine Sweep Testing provides you with a complete solution for multiple input and multiple output sweep sine excitation for modal testing of large and complex structures with higher excitation levels and for non-linearity assessment.


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Stepped Sine Testing

LMS Test.Lab Stepped Sine Testing provides you an open or closed-loop multiple input stepped sine excitation to measure multiple input and output frequency response functions used for modal analysis.


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MIMO Normal Modes Testing

LMS Test.Lab MIMO Normal Modes Testing is an intuitive solution for modal testing that allows you to measure resonance frequency, damping and mode shapes of a structure in one measurement run.


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Ground Vibration Testing

LMS Test.Lab Ground Vibration Testing gives you capabilities to obtain experimental vibration data of the whole aircraft structure for validating and improving its structural dynamics model, including assessment of the aircraft structure’s linear or nonlinear behavior.


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Modification Prediction

LMS Test.Lab Modification Prediction provides modal system synthesis techniques that help you evaluate structural modifications (mass, stiffness and damping) of elements such as mass, spring-damper and tuned absorber on the dynamic behavior of a mechanical structure.


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Rigid Body Properties Calculator

The LMS Test.Lab Rigid Body Properties Calculator offers well-known FRF measurement techniques to help you extract essential parameters of rigid body properties such as center of gravity, moments and principal axes of inertia.


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Structures Options

LMS Test.Lab Structures offers a number of options such as the LMS Polymax modal parameter estimation technique that allows you to enhance testing efficiency.


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