LMS Test.Lab Rotating Machinery

Mastering the complexity of vibroacoustic testing for machinery vibration analysis

LMS Test.Lab Rotating Machinery provides you with a comprehensive suite of machinery vibration analysis solutions that helps you develop quiet, efficient and reliable products. Targeted applications in the Rotating Machinery tool set can help you master the complex process of machinery vibration analysis in systems such as engines, compressors, electrical motors, pumps and shafts.

If you focus on vibro-acoustic troubleshooting and product refinement, Rotating Machinery offers a comprehensive selection of tools including waterfall mappings, order tracking, time data acquisition and processing functions and specialized modules to help you analyze and visualize the vast amounts of data that are generated.

Within your global engineering team, the ability to collaboratively share data provides you significant benefits in time and cost saving efficiencies.

Signature Testing

Rotating Machinery - Signature Testing

LMS Test.Lab Signature Testing provides you with online and offline harmonic analysis based on narrow band waterfall spectra and color maps. The solution allows you to perform vibroacoustic testing of rotating equipment in any operating condition.


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Time Data Acquisition and Processing

Rotating Machinery - Time Data Acquisition and Processing

LMS Test.Lab Time Data Acquisition and Processing gives you a tool for continuous and multi-channel recording of time data in laboratory or field conditions, with online monitoring and real time user configurable processing functions.


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Order Tracking

Rotating Machinery - Order Tracking

LMS Test.Lab Order Tracking offers advanced harmonic analysis on your rotating equipment in any operating condition. Order sections are obtained from data sampled synchronously with RPM, resulting in leakage free, razor sharp order cuts.


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Turbine Testing

Rotating Machinery - Turbine Testing

LMS Test.Lab Turbine Testing provides you with a highly advanced all-digital solution to help you meet the stringent performance requirements for testing and certification of turbines and compressors.


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Torsional Vibration Analysis

Rotating Machinery - Torsional Vibration Analysis

LMS Test.Lab Torsional Vibration Analysis provides highly accurate torsional vibration analysis of rotating machinery with single or multiple shafts. You can extract the order sections from fixed sampled frequency spectra as well as from data sampled synchronously with RPM.


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Angle Domain Processing

Rotating Machinery - Angle Domain Processing

LMS Test.Lab Angle Domain Processing supports your indepth analysis of engine or reciprocating machinery data with correlation to noise or vibration issues. It provides for time data conversion to angle data and data alignment with the system duty cycle.


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Rotating Machinery Options

Rotating Machinery - Rotating Machinery Options

LMS Test.Lab Rotating Machinery Options provides you with an extensive suite of add-on capabilities to help you test and analyze machinery vibration.

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