LMS Test.Lab Environmental

High-speed, multi-channel vibration control and data reduction systems for dynamic environmental testing

LMS Test.Lab Environmental provides you with a powerful, high-speed multi-channel vibration control system for dynamic environmental testing, certified for spacecraft testing. The vibration control systems can be expanded to hundreds of control, measurement and limiting channels. The solution is easy to use for routine random, shock, sine and combined modes testing and has everything you need for state-of-the-art control and extensive data analysis.

The environmental testing solution delivers a complete solution for qualification and acceptance testing on large and sensitive structures including spacecraft, satellites and system prototypes. It is designed for parallel acquisition and online reduction of vibration channels during random or sine closed-loop vibration control testing, in reverberant rooms and for high frequency transient capture in deployment testing. The environmental testing solution also helps you test and validate the robustness of spacecraft design to guarantee load launch survivability by accurately reproducing launch acoustic environment levels in a large reverberation room.

Qualification Testing Compliant with Defense Standards

LMS Test.Lab MIL-STD Vibration Testing provides a complete solution for vibration qualification testing compliant with defense standards MIL-STD, GAM-EG.13, and DEF-STAN. The solution supports swept sine, random, shock, software requirements specification shock response synthesis (SRS), combined modes and time replay-based qualification.


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Qualification and Acceptance Testing for Space Hardware

LMS Test.Lab Space Application Testing provides a complete solution for closed-loop vibration control with random, sine and shock test modes to safely, accurately and quickly reproduce target qualification reference profiles.


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Advanced Vibration Testing

LMS Test.Lab MIMO Random Control is a user-friendly solution for advanced vibration testing and closed-loop multi-shaker control that implements a fast and accurate control algorithm.


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Premium Data Reduction

LMS Test.Lab Data Reduction Premium delivers a complete solution for qualification and acceptance testing and post-test analysis data on large and fragile structures such as spacecraft and satellites.


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Environmental Control Options

LMS Test.Lab Environmental includes controls options that complement the standard random, swept sine, tracked sine dwell, shock testing, waveform replay and combined test modes for single output control.


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