LMS Soundbrush Applications

Add a new dimension to acoustic troubleshooting

LMS Soundbrush applications illustrate fast, easy acoustic troubleshooting and real-time 3D sound visualization in various industries. LMS Soundbrush helps you see what you hear.. Automatic position detection and online visualization of the 3D sound field sets LMS Soundbrush applications apart from other acoustic applications. Plug-and-play connections ensure that you do not lose time setting up the system. You get immediate, real-time results and can fully focus on solving the acoustic problem.

LMS Soundbrush is the ideal tool to map sound propagation around an object and localize acoustic sources. The acoustic application provides the following features:

  • Allows for setup to reporting in minutes
  • Provides immediate detailed results
  • Eliminates extensive postprocessing
  • Visually communicates results

LMS Soundbrush is suited for acoustic troubleshooting in automotive, electronics, consumer goods, mechanical engineering, household appliances, garden machinery and many other industries.

Automotive and Ground Vehicles

LMS Soundbrush is ideally suited for acoustic troubleshooting in the automotive industry for interior and exterior vehicle testing. With LMS Soundbrush you can quickly visualize acoustic hotspots on single components, built-in parts or the full vehicle.


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Automotive Suppliers

LMS Soundbrush can help you investigate the actual noise contribution of automotive components in operational conditions. Additionally, LMS Soundbrush allows you to investigate the performance of sound isolation.


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White Goods and Consumer Electronics

Designing high performance products with lowest noise levels is a day-to-day challenge for the white goods and consumer electronics industry. LMS Soundbrush helps you localize sound sources and acoustic leaks in minutes and allows you to focus on solving the acoustic problem.


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Handheld Power Tools

LMS Soundbrush helps you quickly investigate the noise produced by a drill, a sander, an angle grinder and other power tools. The acoustic application provides unique insights into the acoustic characteristics of your equipment.


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Advanced Mechanical Industries

Sound plays a vital role in the world of engineering. LMS Soundbrush provides an innovative way to solve acoustic issues and tackle the challenges of acoustic troubleshooting in advanced mechanical engineering industries.


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