What’s New in LMS Samtech 3D Simulation Solutions

What’s New in LMS Samtech for Structural Analysis

Samtech Structural Analysis

The LMS Samtech Samcef Solver environment is integrated in NX 10 CAE environment. This new NX environment enables you to model the entire design and analysis cycle of composite structures and components in a single integrated environment. With the new LMS Samtech Samcef version you can simulate lightweight structure manufacturing such as composites curing.

Tea Pipe software for hose design

The LMS Samtech Tea Pipe software dedicated to flexible hose design is available in NX 9 environment. Scalability of LMS Tea Pipe allows it to be used for all kind of hoses submitted to static (space/time transient pressure and temperature) and dynamic loadings (harmonic or transient accelerations). This mechanical simulation tool allows you to drastically reduce the time-to-market of your pipes design and to avoid costly vehicles call backs.

What’s New in LMS Samtech for Process Integration for Aviation

Caesam Process Integration for Aviation

LMS Samtech Caesam 7.2 bundles new process integration features to enable distributed aircraft project steering, management and control. For example, the package definition feature improves LMS Caesam data handling capacity and capabilities by allowing flexible data partitioning, sharing and reuse. You can create a package which is a consistent subset of the model (data, analysis and results) and then import, export or merge them. By enabling pre-identified processes and methods for each aircraft development program, you can efficiently manage the aircraft variant program process.

What’s New in LMS Samtech for Wind Turbines

Samcef Wind Turbines

LMS Samtech Samcef Wind Turbines 15 SL2 for wind turbines simplifies the postprocessing of multiple load cases by providing efficient curve editor functionality. A new tower model helps you input tower data directly from an Excel spreadsheet. The new LMS Samcef version is also coupled with LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim (1D) software to enable easy implementation of hydraulic gearbox, electric pitch system and converters to perform multi-domain controls simulation.

Real-world Ready 3D Simulation

Samtech Videos

Perform linear to nonlinear thermal, mechanical and thermo-mechanical 3D simulations to capture real-world behavior of your product in an efficient LMS Samtech virtual environment. Discover what’s new in LMS Samtech solution family – LMS Caesam, LMS Samcef and LMS Samcef Wind Turbines.

Smarter Decisions for Real-world 3D Simulation

Samtech Resources

Listen to our product specialist talk that highlights the new features of the LMS Samtech Samcef 16 to predict realistic real-world product performance behavior faster and easier.

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