LMS Samcef Nonlinear Structural Analysis

Static and dynamic analysis of structures under large deformations and materials with nonlinear behavior

LMS Samtech Samcef Structure Nonlinear provides you a tool for static and dynamic analysis and allows you to model large displacements and deformations of structures that are assembled with different components. Many material laws are available to define the structural properties including linear, elastoplastic, viscoplastic, viscoelastic, hyperelastic, composite (including delamination and damage), specific laws and user defined laws. All material parameters can be temperature dependent. The assembly between the components is defined through gluing or contact friction conditions (such as fasteners).

When coupled with the definition of kinematical joints in a finite element (FE) formulation (included in LMS Samcef Nonlinear Motion), you can analyze nonlinear flexible mechanisms. This nonlinear structural analysis solution:

  • Improves the level of vibrations taken into account
  • Allows for stress computation inside components without the need to use local FE analysis
  • Does not require iterations between a multibody analysis tool and an FE tool

By creating static and dynamic analysis models that closely reflect reality, you can decrease design time and costs, reduce potential failures and breakdowns and increase product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Nonlinear Structural Analysis Capabilities

Nonlinear Structural Analysis Capabilities

LMS Samcef Structure Nonlinear provides you with these features:

  • Definition of nonlinear models
  • Large library of material laws
  • Numerous flexible-to-flexible and rigid-to-flexible contact algorithms suited for large displacements, rotations and deformations
  • Robust solver including stabilized integration schemes
  • Equation solvers dedicated to large systems including parallel processing features
  • Automatic management of time steps
  • Ability to link with a library of kinematical joints defined in an FE formulation
  • Ability to combine flexible or rigid bodies to form a unique model for the mechanism
  • Static, kinematic and dynamic analysis

Nonlinear Structural Analysis Benefits

Nonlinear Structural Analysis Benefits

LMS Samcef Structure Nonlinear helps you:

  • Accurately describe and model the real behavior of your structures
  • Predict the influence of any severe applied condition
  • Improve your designs
  • Increase the lifespan of structures
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