LMS Samcef Fracture Mechanics

Model structural integrity, including crack propagation, using XFEM

LMS Samtech Samcef Fracture Mechanics has standard modeling capabilities that are dedicated to the propagation of cracks in materials, or fracture mechanics. The fracture mechanics solution includes specific elements that allow you to capture the stress field singularity, as well as some that are dedicated postprocessing so that you can compute stress intensity factors, the components of Rice’s J-integral and the energy release rates by mode.

An extended finite element method (XFEM) provides 3D modeling of crack propagation (independently of the mesh). You can model several cracks with automatic fatigue crack propagation (Paris, Elber, Forman, Nasgro) with automatic remeshing during propagation. With this XFEM approach, the definition of the crack is easier because the model doesn’t require a change to the geometry or mesh with the accuracy of the solution.

LMS Samcef Fracture Mechanics Capabilities

LMS Samcef Fracture Mechanics XFEM Capabilities

LMS Samcef Fracture Mechanics provides you with these features:

  • Fully integrated features with the LMS Samcef Solver Suite
  • Full LMS Samcef infrastructure (including high performance solver)
  • Dynamic remeshing during the automatic propagation
  • Complete XFEM (initiation and propagation) technology that is fully integrated in the LMS Samcef environment

LMS Samcef Fracture Mechanics Benefits

LMS Samcef Fracture Mechanics XFEM Benefits

LMS Samcef Fracture Mechanics helps you:

  • Treat large-scale problems or mixed composite/metallic structures
  • Represent the crack independently of the mesh
  • Improve the accuracy of your simulation
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