LMS Samtech Samcef Rotors

Rotor dynamics simulation of global rotating systems including bearings, gears and linking devices

LMS Samtech Samcef Rotors is a rotor dynamics simulation solution dedicated to the dynamic analysis of fast rotating machines such as jet engines, turbo machines, gas and steam turbines, pumps, propellers and fans. Based on finite element theory, the rotor dynamics software enables the computation of critical speeds and responses to excitations in the frequency and time domains of fast rotating systems. The rotating systems can also include nonmoving parts (such as stators and casings) and linking devices (such as bearings and gears).

LMS Samcef Rotors addresses the complex challenge of rotor dynamics analysis, providing a solution for rotor dynamics specialists and engineers focused on global dynamics of rotating machines. Delivered with LMS Samcef Field, the software includes all classical finite element analysis features as well as a driver dedicated to rotor dynamics analysis.

Backed by 30 years of experience in this field, the LMS Samcef Rotors solution is the best tool for accurate simulation of high speed rotating machine behavior, rotor dynamics analysis and rotating machine vibration control.

LMS Samcef Rotors Capabilities

Rotors - Samcef Rotors Capabilities

Samcef Rotors provides you with these features:

  • Large finite elements library
  • Bearings and seals models
  • Gear elements and macros to build reductor stages
  • Free orientation of rotation axis in space
  • Rotors with varying rotation speeds for modeling
  • Consideration for nonrotating parts
  • Critical speed computation
  • Energies distribution mode shapes and display
  • Linear or nonlinear harmonic force response
  • Nonlinear harmonic response through harmonic balance method
  • Full nonlinear transient analysis with hydrodynamic bearings and squeeze film dampers
  • Full transient analysis including contact/rubbing
  • Dedicated postprocessing tools

Samcef Rotors Benefits

Rotors - Samcef Rotors Benefits

Samcef Rotors helps you:

  • Easily build rotor models
  • Understand the dynamic behavior of a rotating machine
  • Reduce vibration levels and avoid harmful resonances through prediction
  • Build the best model to the required specifications using a large library of elements
  • Reduce costs due to a faster design cycle
  • Reduce design cycle due to reduced need for physical testing
  • Access dedicated postprocessing tools according to industrial standards
  • Reduce maintenance and warranty costs

Jet Engine Applications

Rotors - Jet Engines Applications

For Jet engines applications, you can:

  • Import superelements (such as Nastran® and Ansys®) for nonrotating parts
  • Create superelements for rotating and nonrotating parts to decrease CPU time for multiple load case analyses
  • Use special methods to simulate multistage assemblies of blade disks in the inertial and rotating frame
  • Reference precise and accurate descriptions of coupled modes and centrifuge stiffening effects

Gas and Steam Turbines

Rotors - Gas and Steam Turbines

For gas and steam turbines, you can:

  • Capture the global turbine system dynamics of rotor plus stators
  • Account for several rotors linked by gear boxes
  • Capture blade modes including multistage assemblies of bladed disks
  • Reference a bearing library
  • Choose between a selection of models
  • Calculate 3D modes at the price of a 2D analysis
  • Account for temperature effects at the material level
  • Calculate thermal stresses as prestresses in a rotor model

Pumps and Turbopumps Applications

Rotors - Pumps and Turbopumps Applications

For pumps and turbopumps applications you can:

  • Include added mass effect due to the presence of fluids
  • Impose synchronous or asynchronous loads due to fluid recirculation and hydrodynamic pressure fields
  • Account for local stiffness due to seals
  • Take temperature effects into account
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