LMS Samtech Boss Quattro

LMS Samtech Boss Quattro, an open application manager, uses parametric analysis and design of experiments to evaluate parameter influence on structure behavior

LMS Samtech Boss Quattro takes advantage of parametric models and provides a professional infrastructure to manage your models, results and task flows. This open platform manager easily couples with the most common finite element analysis (FEA) packages, Microsoft® Excel® or in-house tools; and links optimization algorithms with your preferred optimization solver.

LMS Boss Quattro features several engines:

  • Parametric analysis – evaluates the influence of given parameters on the behavior of the structure; launches analysis for each set of defined parameter values to plot results; is used to build response surfaces
  • Design of experiments – uses specific algorithms to choose successive parameter values that cover the design space while minimizing the amount of analysis; is used to build response surfaces
  • Multidisciplinary optimization – computes the optimal set of parameters according to defined criteria; features optimization algorithms for gradient-based methods and derivative-free methods
  • Sensitivity analysis – describes the influence of each parameter for given values; is used in gradient-based optimization methods; meaningful when applied out of an iterative optimization process
  • Statistical analysis (also known as Monte Carlo method) – runs parametric studies with the sets of parameters built using statistical distributions; is used to study the influence of production tolerances and ensure structure behavior remains acceptable over the range of potential variable values
  • Updating (also known as reverse engineering or "least square") – adjusts the parameter values to obtain the match (such as material properties); is used to fit modeling results to experimental data

LMS Boss Quattro Capabilities

Boss Quattro Capabilities

LMS Boss Quattro provides you with these features:

  • Parametric studies
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Monte Carlo method
  • Optimization and updating
  • Design of experiments methods
  • Response surfaces
  • Database and interpolation

LMS Boss Quattro Benefits

Boss Quattro Benefits

Boss Quattro helps you:

  • Find optimal values
  • Evaluate parameter pertinence
  • Reduce design time and reduce risk of errors by task automation
  • Find solutions with respect to your schedule of conditions
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