Vehicle System Dynamics

Specify, design and validate the full vehicle and chassis subsystems with vehicle dynamics simulation

The LMS Imagine.Lab Vehicle System Dynamics suite of simulation solutions offer application oriented environments and dedicated capabilities to specify, design and validate the full vehicle as well as the chassis subsystem components (such as brakes, suspension, steering and anti-roll system). The solutions allow easy and seamless integration in a single system.

Vehicle System Dynamics solutions present a unique open integration platform to model and simulate cars and light trucks with their actuators in a straightforward and continuous integration process – from model-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop to hardware-in-the-loop. The vehicle dynamics simulation solutions include an extensive vehicle dynamics application, physical modeling libraries (such as hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical), ready-to-use templates, solution demonstrators and interfaces with simulation suites such as LMS Virtual.Lab Motion, MSC® Adams™ and Simulink®.

Braking System

Braking System enables you to design and optimize individual braking components (such as booster, master cylinder and ESP hydraulic modulator valves) and hydraulic braking circuits (such as ESP hydraulic modulator, piping system and calipers).


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Power Steering System

Power Steering System provides reliable and accurate models to design robust power steering systems while reducing time-to-market. The multi-domain approach encompasses hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electric power steering systems.


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Suspension and Anti-roll System

Suspension and Anti-roll System supports sizing, designing and analyzing the components and circuits involved in suspension: passive, semi-active and active dampers as well as active roll stabilizers and air spring systems.


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Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics offers an application oriented environment with a complete and dedicated toolset to test and optimize vehicle comfort as well as ride and handling behavior from early concept stages.


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Vehicle Dynamics Control

With Vehicle Dynamics Control, chassis designers and engineers can simulate vehicles, sensors, actuators and the chassis control system strategy in a single comprehensive platform, which can be extended to Simulink for real-time simulation purposes.


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