Powertrain Transmission Simulation

Analyze and design optimal transmission systems

LMS Imagine.Lab Powertrain Transmission solutions provide a generic platform for analyzing and designing optimal transmission systems and relative controls. The automotive powertrain solutions:

  • Give access to driveline, engine and transmission models and components
  • Focus on comfort; performance and losses; noise, vibration and harshness (NVH); and hybrid transmission issues
  • Help you study global behavior of the entire powertrain architecture from low to high frequencies (that is, from <20 Hz)
  • Facilitate the development of new concepts (such as hybrid architectures)
  • Help solve powertrain transmission challenges (such as high shift quality and vibrations of drivelines)
  • Allow evaluation of virtual control strategies in early design stages

The transmission systems solutions give you access to robust and effective modeling of nonlinear phenomena found in all transmission, electric or hydraulic actuators; dry or wet clutches; dampers; dual mass flywheel; universal joints; and gears backlash. You can significantly reduce the development time of powertrain systems and controls from months to weeks and facilitate the maintainability of models which increases product life while cutting systems development costs. The constant evolution of application libraries ensures you have access to applicable models in an ever-changing industrial world.

The Powertrain Transmission solutions are used by OEMs who integrate subsystems as well as suppliers who design subsystems and components. This unique simulation solution can also be used by plant design and control design departments.

Transmission Noise and Vibration

The Transmission Noise and Vibration solution gives you an in-depth understanding of the NVH powertrain system performance. The solution provides all required information about root causes of noise and vibration problems related to hydraulic dynamics, mechanical contacts or slip control.


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Transmission Performance and Losses

With the Transmission Performance and Losses solution, you can define powertrain architectures for studies on performance and consumption. This helps engineers design strategies to reduce fuel consumption while providing a consistent output power curve within the engine’s best operating range.


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