Simcenter Amesim Libraries

Access more than 4500 ready-to-use, validated physical components

To create a system simulation model in Simcenter Amesim, you simply access one of the numerous Simcenter Amesim libraries of predefined and validated components from different physical domains (such as fluid, thermal, mechanical, electromechanical and powertrain).

All simulation library components are completely validated to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the simulation. By selecting the required validated component from the related library, you avoid creating your own complicated code. Not only does this save enormous amounts of time, it also allows teams to easily create complex system models covering multiple domains. Rather than spending time building a functional model, engineers can focus on design critical tasks such as optimizing the design for best-in-class product behavior early in the process.

Easy and accurate model creation

By combining library components, you create a clear working sketch of the system model. To aid investigation, you can select varying model complexity for each component and set parameters and measuring units. With the transparent concept and easy-to-access embedded model information, you can capture, reuse and share engineering knowledge. Engineers can also start from simplified models in early development stages and gradually add more detail as design information is available.

Broad range of applications and physical domains

With more than 38 validated libraries filled with 5000+ dedicated models, Simcenter Amesim covers a multitude of physical domains and engineering applications:

  • Control: Signal, control and observers
  • Electromechanical: Electrical basics, electromechanical, electric motors and drives
  • Fluid: Hydraulic, hydraulic component design, hydraulic resistance, filling, pneumatic, pneumatic component design, gas mixture, moist air
  • Internal Combustion Engine: IFP-drive, IFP-engine, IFP-exhaust
  • Mechanical: Mechanical, planar mechanical, powertrain, vehicle dynamics
  • Thermal: Thermal, thermal-hydraulic, thermal-hydraulic component design, thermal-pneumatic, two-phase flow, air conditioning, cooling system, heat exchanger assembly tool
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