Aerospace Systems Solutions

Addressing the specific needs of aerospace and aircraft systems design and simulation

Simcenter Amesim for Aerospace Systems solutions allow aviation and aerospace engineers to execute a safer and more reliable aircraft systems design process, while shortening the time-to-market by enabling real integration of physical systems together with their controls.

Providing a multi-domain simulation environment, the Simcenter Amesim platform provides you with an open approach to mechatronic system simulation, from functional requirements to detailed design. It supports component level design as well as system level analysis of aircraft systems. You are provided with a user-friendly, flexible toolset that addresses the specific requirements of aerospace and aircraft systems design in terms of performance, safety, comfort, reliability, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Applications include landing gear, flight controls, engine equipment, environmental control systems, fuel systems and power systems design.

Landing Gear

Simcenter Amesim delivers tools to assess the complete landing gear system. It provides performance analysis of all required functionalities: landing, extension and retraction, braking and steering systems. The solution supports the multi-disciplinary nature of the task (such as hydraulics, electrics and thermal) and takes into account system structure/actuator coupling; and addresses the challenges posed by physical tests and maintenance costs reduction, sophisticated technologies and materials and safety and certification requirements.


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Flight Controls

Simcenter Amesim supports the design and optimization of high-lift device actuation systems with a multi-domain system simulation approach. The solution easily manages combinations of hydraulics, 2D mechanics and electrics in a unique modeling environment.


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Aerospace Engine Equipment

Simcenter Amesim supports the design and engineering of fuel systems (metering units, pumps, nozzle, starters and heat exchangers) and their controls, as well as engine control actuators. The solution helps you design market specific, pressure-feed fluid systems in aircraft engines, and build reliable thermal-hydraulic systems.


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Environmental Control Systems

Simcenter Amesim helps you design the optimal environmental control system, in terms of pressure, temperature, flow and humidity. Application areas include optimizing the comfort of passengers and crew. The solution is based on a multi-domain system simulation approach and can manage multi-domain systems for advanced design: gas dynamic, thermal pneumatics, vapor cycle (2 phase flow), air conditioning, controls, and life and environmental sciences.


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Aircraft Engine

Simcenter Amesim defines the exact boundary condition for aircraft systems including electrical power generation, bleed systems, fuel systems as well as flight dynamics. Using this solution, you can assess the dynamic behavior of any kind of jet engine and get an initial evaluation of engine performance.


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Aircraft Fuel Systems

Simcenter Amesim helps you design the complete aircraft fuel system, incorporating pressure, temperature, flow transfer and ullage composition tracking. Application areas include the thermal behavior of the fuel system.


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Electrical Aircraft

Simcenter Amesim solution helps you design the electrical systems of any aircraft. Utilizing libraries (electric motors and drives, electromechanical, electric basics and converters, and aircraft electrics), the solution is perfect for the aeronautical engineer to succeed in facing the challenges of modern aircraft.


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