Flight Control

Employ multi-domain simulation in design and optimization of high-lift actuation systems for aircraft

The LMS Imagine.Lab Flight Control simulation solution supports the design and optimization of high-lift device actuation systems for aircraft by using an unparalleled multi-domain system simulation approach. The solution easily manages various combinations of hydraulics, 2D mechanics and electrics in a unique modeling environment.

As high-lift device actuation systems become more and more complex, the LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim multi-domain approach is essential to understanding the interactions between diverse domains including electrical (elevators, ailerons, roll spoilers, tail plane trim, slats and flaps, speed brakes/lift dumpers and trims), mechanical (rudders and tailplane trim) and hydraulic control systems. Moreover, the Flight Control solution makes it possible to manage the development of various high-lift device actuation systems (mechanical, direct drive, electromechanical and electrohydrostatic) by integrating them into different computer-aided engineering (CAE) attribute analyses, such as flexible multibody and stress analysis, as well as fatigue damage prediction.

The unique component design libraries (hydraulic, thermal hydraulic and pneumatic), in combination with mechanical and electromechanical libraries, allow you to create detailed models in order to design highly dynamic components such as nozzle flapper flow control servo valves, pressures valves and any kind of piloted fluid component.

With the Flight Control simulation solution, you can explore various technological solutions (electrical, mechanical and hydraulic) and assess their functional performance attributes (multibody, stress and durability) in a common environment. The solution supports the system validation process and explores the flexible bodies and mechanisms of the complete system through its co-simulation capabilities with most common mechanical finite element analysis (FEA) software.

Flight Control Capabilities

The Flight Control solution provides you with these features:

Flight Control Capabilities
  • Multi-domain, off-the-shelf libraries associated with all physics issues involved in flight controls (thermo-hydraulics, electrics and controls)
  • Seamless coupling with other mechanical and electromechanical libraries
  • Efficient coupling with LMS Virtual.Lab Motion and MSC Adams® 3D multibody modeling software

Flight Control Benefits

The Flight Control solution helps you:

Flight Control Benefits
  • Model the whole flight control system as well as its actuators
  • Seamlessly handle multi-domain aspects (mechanical, hydraulics and electrical)
  • Facilitate the development of new concepts
  • Significantly reduce system development time
  • Integrate and validate control with frequency system response
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