Fibersim Tape Laying Interface

Exporting Design Data Directly to Tape Laying Machines for Faster Time-to-Part

The Tape Laying Interface module in the Fibersim portfolio enables engineers to generate and export design data directly to automated tape laying machines for manufacturing composite products and parts. Tape laying machines combine the advantages of contour tape laying and computer control to automate the manufacture of complex composite parts that conventionally require extensive hand lay-up. Creating the data to drive tape laying machines has traditionally been error-prone and tedious, but the use of these machines can dramatically reduce cycle times, cost and manual rework of physical composite plies.

With the Tape Laying Interface module, engineers can automatically generate tape laying data files within their CAD system directly from the 3D model of a composite part. This eliminates errors, significantly increases engineering productivity and makes it easy to accommodate changes and optimize designs.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

With the Fibersim Tape Laying Interface, engineers can:

  • Automatically generate tape laying data files directly from the 3D CAD model
  • Manage unique tape laying design entities, including trim reference, scrap areas, lay-up side point, fiber axis, mandrel alignment points, and process regions
  • Verify information generated by tape laying programming software directly in the CAD system
  • Share information and data downstream on the manufacturing floor
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