Fibersim Laser Projection

Speeding Composite Ply Layup with Laser Projection Technology

Laser projection systems used for composite layup and inspection increase product quality, consistency, and manufacturing throughput resulting in reduced costs. The Fibersim Laser Projection module automates the generation of data required for laser projection systems to significantly increase manufacturing productivity, reduce errors and makes it easy to update and maintain laser projection data. By exporting required data directly from the composite 3D CAD model, accuracy of information is ensured for a repeatable manufacturing process. These data files automatically include ply names, boundaries, origins, orientations, material properties and names. This data can then be used for layup and ply verification to identify issues at the earliest point in the manufacturing process. The Laser Project module also allows for the import back into the CAD system for verification before release.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

The Fibersim Laser Projection module helps engineers:

  • Generate laser projection data files automatically
  • Create native files that support all popular laser projection systems
  • Ensure part quality during layup by generating data for automated inspection systems
  • Avoid data translation and program multi-head systems
  • Automaticaclly account for stackup thicknesses and eliminate parallax errors
  • Export laser projection data directly from the 3D CAD model
  • Ensure repeatable manufacturing process
  • Validate the laser projection data before releasing to manufacturing floor through import back into the CAD system
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