Fibersim Flat Pattern Export

Delivering Accurate Flat Patterns to the Manufacturing Floor with Ease

Flat pattern template generation for composites is a time consuming and error prone process left in large part up to trial and error. The Fibersim Flat Pattern Export module eliminates the bulk of work associated with this task through the reuse of engineered composite definition to automatically generate 2D flat pattern data files. These automatically generated files can then be efficiently exported directly from the CAD workstation into any common commercial nesting or automated cutting system. Existing attributes from the ply definition are included such as part name, ply name, material orientation and sequence, as are markers used to assist in layup thus eliminating the need for manual modification of any kind to the data. Through the automation that this module provides overall manufacturing productivity is increased and material waste is decreased.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

The Flat Pattern Export enables engineers to:

  • Ensure data integrity and accuracy by seamlessly exporting flat pattern data directly from the CAD system, including existing attributes
  • Eliminate manual sorting of patterns
  • Maintain flat pattern attributes, eliminating the need for manual input into nesting software or cutting systems
  • Fillet corners to create optimized flat patterns for cutting
  • Optimize flat pattern geometry through line smoothing and filleting operations to minimize stop and start sequences
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