Fibersim Documentation

Eliminating the Tedious, Difficult Task of Creating Accurate Composite Design Documentation

Engineers who design products and parts using advanced composite materials are faced with the tedious and complex task of creating accurate design documentation. Composite designs on average contain five times more data both geometric and non-geometric that must be communicated accurately throughout the design change process.

Using the Documentation module in the Fibersim portfolio allows designers to automatically generate the documents necessary for engineering and manufacturing phases of the development process. The automation of these often times consuming and tedious tasks enables a quicker more reliable alternative to transitioning design to the manufacturing floor. These documents include:

  • Material tables
  • Cross-sections
  • Sequence charts
  • Annotations
  • Engineering drawings
  • Ply lay-up diagrams

As changes are made to the composite design, the documentation can be easily and automatically updated and shared across the enterprise to ensure accurate manufacturing, reduce cycle times, and lower costs.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Fibersim Documentation enables engineers to:

  • Efficiently reuse composites engineering data to automatically generate associative 3D and 2D documentation
  • Provides up-to-date and accurate documentation by eliminating manual entry or change errors
  • Increase quality and throughput of composite parts by communicating hand layup process for every ply that is placed on a tool
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