Femap Videos

View Femap’s modeling and analysis capabilities first-hand with these finite element analysis (FEA) demos. See how Femap can help you with your analysis tasks, view the latest functionality, and learn how Femap can be used to automate and customize your simulation processes.

Featured Capabilities

Geometry Preparation Demos

These Femap demos show how to clean up problematic geometry, remove unnecessary detail and employ idealization techniques to create efficient and accurate FE models.


Finite Element Analysis Demos

Femap’s extensive analysis support, such as design optimization and metal forming, can be viewed in these demos.


Femap Customization Demos

See how Femap’s open customization capability allows complete access to all Femap functions through an OLE/COM object-oriented application programming interface (API), which employs standard, non-proprietary programming languages.


Customer Success Stories

Hear from our customers about how Femap delivers affordable, high-performance FEA.


FE Modeling Demos

These Femap demos show some of the powerful FE modeling functionality in Femap, including meshing, glue contact, composite modeling and analysis setup.


FEA Postprocessing Demos

These Femap demos show some of the powerful FEA postprocessing functionality, including beams and the Postprocessing Toolbox.


Femap User Interface Demos

These demos of the Windows®-native Femap application give you an introduction to the use of the Entity Selector functionality. Also included is an overview of the Model Information tree in the Femap user interface as well as tool bars and Windows tabbing and pinning.

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