Geometry Preparation Demos

Femap Basics 2: Geometry Access and Preparation

An overview of geometry access, preparation and cleanup methods in Femap prior to finite element model creation

Consolidated Visibility

Femap provides many ways to control entity visualization, which helps you view and efficiently work on a complex model

Solid Edge to Femap Interface

The interconnection between Femap and Solid Edge, and how modifications to a part in Solid Edge are transferred to Femap

Geometry Cleanup - Part 1

The various geometry cleanup tools in Femap that help you create a better mesh (part 1)

Geometry Cleanup - Part 2

The various geometry cleanup tools in Femap that help you create a better mesh (part 2)

Geometry Cleanup - Part 3

The various geometry cleanup tools in Femap to help create a better mesh (part 3)

Geometry Editing Toolbox

How Femap’s geometry editing toolbox can be used to help prepare an FE model

Feature Editing Toolbox

How you can use the feature editing toolbox in Femap to move model features, updating both geometry and FE models simultaneously

Extended Surfaces

How to use extended surfaces to connect up geometry surfaces prior to meshing

Mid-plane Modeling and Meshing

A demonstration of Femap’s mid-plane extraction capability on a complex component

Mid-surface Modeling

How you can quickly and easily create a shell element representation of sheet metal components using Femap’s mid-surface extraction and modeling capability

Glued Connection

A demonstration of the glued connection capability in Femap

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