FE Modeling Demos

Femap Basics 3: Property and Boundary Element Creation

An overview of element and material property and boundary condition (loads and constraints) creation

Basic Meshing Capabilities

Femap’s basic meshing capabilities, including enhancements from recent releases

Mesh Surface Tool Box

How to interactively make changes to geometry and the mesh with Femap’s meshing toolbox

Surface Meshing Complex Parts

Advanced surface meshing techniques on complex geometry

Meshing Complex Geometry

Femap’s meshing capabilities on complex geometry

Edge Glue Contact

How gluing edges to surfaces facilitates FE model creation in Femap

Element Display

Working with the various entities can be time-consuming and laborious, but the Model Information tree in Femap provides a quick and easy way to control entity display

Turbine Glued Contact

How you can use the glued connection capability in Femap to interface FE meshes of differing element sizes and types

Bolt Preload

Modeling preloaded bolts in Femap

Limited Displacement Constraints

Modeling limited displacement constraints using NX Nastran CBUSH elements

Data Surfaces

How you can setup complex loading in a model using Femap’s data surface capability

Assembly Modeling

How to set up an assembly model in Femap

Composite Global Ply

How the use of global plies in composite structures facilitates laminate setup and postprocessing

Composite Layup Modeling

Easy modeling of composite layups in Femap

Model Data Contour

When you setup an FE model for complex structures, just visualizing and verifying the model data can be challenging – Femap’s model data contour is a useful way of presenting property and material modeling data

Linear Contact

Using the linear contact capability in Femap to connect components of an assembly

Boundary Condition Set Manager

Load and constraint setup and management is incorporated interactively within Femap

Analysis Manager

When creating a viable simulation, setting up the analysis type and boundary conditions is important – Femap makes it easy with the Analysis Manager

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