Femap Version 11.4.2

V11.4.2 Updates and New Capabilities Added to the Femap thermal solver and flow simulation

Femap 11.4.2 - LED lamp velocity vectors

Femap 11.4.2 provides a number of enhancements to the Femap Thermal Solver, Advanced Thermal Solver and Flow Solver capabilities. Improvements include an updated contemporary graphical user interface to improve workflows with model setup and postprocessing, new solver capabilities and parallel processing through distributed computing.

Thermal and Flow Solver Contemporary Graphical User Interface

Femap 11.4.2 - brake temperature

The thermal and flow solver user interface has been updated to match existing UI workflows in Femap. A dedicated thermal/flow model info pane is now available that is analogous to the Femap model info pane, and a right-click capability extends and facilitates load and constraint creation methods. Solution set up for thermal and flow analysis now matches that for NX Nastran and other solvers with a consistent analysis set manager. Boundary condition symbols have also been updated and improved.

Enhanced Thermal Solver and Flow Simulation Capabilities

Femap 11.4.2 - Homogenous gas

Thermal solver highlights include an efficiency increase due to solver parallelization. An improved adaptive time stepping capability has been added and the thermal coupling capability has been enhanced. The advanced thermal solver sees the addition of an enhanced orbit visualizer, and you will now see expanded output options for simulation results. New capabilities include analysis of homogeneous gas mixtures and immiscible fluid mixtures.

Thermal and Flow Solver Parallel Processing Enhancements

Femap 11.4.2 - Valve velocity vectors

Parallel processing has now been extended to the entire solution sequence for thermal and flow analyses. Solver distributed memory parallelization (DMP) extends to separate access to both CPU and RAM. You can execute up to eight processes with the advanced thermal and flow modules.

Femap 11.4.2 - Valve velocity vectors white background

Since its inception, Femap development has been driven by customer needs that have been delivered with regular launches to help you solve increasingly complex engineering problems. The latest version of is no exception.

Learn more about the new thermal and flow solver updates in Femap 11.4.2, including an updated graphical user interface that streamlines workflows, new solver capabilities, performance improvements and much more.

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