Femap Versions 11.3 and 11.4

V11.4 Customer Driven New Capabilities

Femap 11.4 New Capabilities

Femap 11.4 enhancements include: automatic rigid element updates via the meshing toolbox; enhancements to charting, including support for complex data and on-the-fly transformations; a new data mapping algorithm which is up to 1000x faster for very large models; automatic geometry splitting at intersections; Draw Erase workflow improvements; Nastran solver support enhancements.

V11.3 Model Visualization Control

Femap 11.3 - Model Visualization Control

Femap 11.3 has a new draw/erase toolbar which provides an easy way to control entities that are drawn or erased on the screen giving you more versatile model viewing control. A new roll-thru viewing mode allows you to move inside the model and view it from the interior greatly facilitating model checking and results review.

V11.3 Direct Connection Manager

Femap 11.3 - Direct Connection Manager

The connection manager has been enhanced to allow a more direct approach to connection definition and setup with direct editing, sorting and filters. Used together with element face picking and the draw/erase toolbar, the job of setting up connections on FE entities is much easier and requires many fewer mouse clicks

V11.3 Interactive Mesh Refinement

Femap 11.3 - Interactive Mesh Refinement

You can now interactively refine an existing finite element mesh in a specific region to better capture a stress concentration, for example, by using the new mesh refinement capability. With this streamlined workflow, simply select a few elements and immediately see the mesh refine to four or nine elements, per original element.

V11.3 Max Quad Meshing

Max Quad Meshing

A new max quads option has been added that minimizes the number of triangles produced in a shell mesh within the specified allowable element aspect ratio setting. By modifying the aspect ratio and mesh size, you can obtain all quad meshes, allowing geometry topology. Max quads can also be combined with other meshing tools such as quad layers and element growth to produce attractive and accurate quad dominant meshes.

V11.3 Arrow Plots

Femap 11.3 - Arrow Plots

Generation of contour arrow plots has been overhauled for Femap 11.3. This includes automatic vector selection, so that if you pick a particular force output, vector Femap will automatically retrieve the corresponding components for the arrow plot. Also, it’s now possible to directly transform the output data to another coordinate system with minimum setup.

Femap 11.3 - Why?

Since its inception, Femap development has been driven by customer needs that have been delivered with regular launches to help you solve increasingly complex engineering problems. The latest version of Femap 11.3 is no exception.

Learn more about what’s new in Femap 11.3 and 11.4, including new and improved pre- and postprocessing functionality, new model visualization tools, meshing enhancements, performance improvements, solver-specific enhancements and much more.

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