The Catchbook sketching app brings accuracy to your ideas

Catchbook is a new, easy-to-use sketching app that helps you draw and trace accurately. It is built on the world’s leading industrial drawing engine, and is designed specifically for use on tablets and smartphones.

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Catchbook version 1.5 is now available.

Enhancements include:

  • Graph Paper - Displays graph paper. If snap mode is active, curves will snap to the graph paper grid
  • Snap Mode - This new option lets you create and edit curves without them connecting to other curves
  • Dimension Precision - When you select a dimension, you can now control the number of decimal places that it shows
  • Dimension Priority - When you edit the dimensions of rectangular profiles it is now less likely that the value you enter will change
  • Dimension Edit Direction - When you are editing a dimension, tap one of the dimension arrows to specify the update direction
  • Get more information on version 1.5

Catchbook is also now available in Norway and New Zealand.


Design for Your Mobile Life

Capture your ideas wherever inspiration strikes—at home, on the train, in the park…

DIY Home Décor

Catchbook - Home Décor

Design your dream living room on your tablet or smartphone.

Home Remodeling

Catchbook - Home Remodeling

Communicate clearly from wherever your work takes you.

DIY Woodworking

Catchbook - DIY Woodworking

Get that perfect cut on the first try with accurate dimensions.

Interior Design

Catchbook - Interior Design

Redesign your living space with just the touch of a finger.

Study for Class

Catchbook - Study for Class

Homework just got easier with a new way to put your ideas down.

Artistic Design

Catchbook - Artistic Design

Create vector art in an instant and see your creation come to life.

Plan Projects Big or Small

Catchbook - House Addition

From home improvement to DIY projects and crafts – Catchbook helps you to draw, share, and succeed.

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