Synchronous Technology

Deliver Innovation Faster Than Ever Before

Synchronous Technology - White Paper

Synchronous technology from Siemens PLM Software connects everyone in the product lifecycle – and it connects them all without limiting any of them. Connection without limitation. Freedom with coordination. That’s how synchronous technology helps you innovate more – and makes your design process up to 100 times faster.


With synchronous technology in Solid Edge and NX, you no longer have to choose between constraint-driven or history-free modeling. You no longer have to be a programmer to re-use a model. And you no longer need to worry about using data from multiple CAD systems.


Are you ready for the next big breakthrough in digital product development? Learn more about synchronous technology by watching the videos on the right and reading the press release below.

Synchronous Technology Testimonial

Hear what our customers have to say about synchronous technology. From Summit Tool, KeyOx and Alloy, hear them discuss their hands on view on the most successful modeling software for PLM.

Synchronous Technology Demonstrations

Watch how synchronous technology allows you to quickly create and test assemblies, easily modify someone elses model and give you the ability to read foreign CAD files, editing back in their native format.

Evan Yares, CAD Industry Analyst

Synchronous Technology - Evan Yares, CAD Industry Analyst

“Siemens' synchronous solver overcomes the order dependencies that have plagued history-based CAD programs by solving for the explicit and inferred constraints at the same time. The synchronous solver doesn't use a history tree, but rather holds user-defined constraints in groups associated with the surfaces to which they apply…Ultimately, though, I believe this to be a transformative technology – one that represents an important inflection point in the CAD industry. If you hear someone say ‘that's nothing new,’ don't believe them. Synchronous technology is a big deal.”

CPDA Comprehensive White Paper

The paper notes that this technology brings a dramatic change to the CAD world and sets a milestone event in the history of digital product development. (free, registration required)

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