Software and Technology Partners - Program Value

S&T program value to an S&T candidate

Software and Technology partners interface with our products using several technology options. These are categorized within the program as specializations: Interface, Open, and Foundation.

  • Interface specialization 

    Complementary software, hardware, IT peripherals, and manufacturing tools that interface using industry   standards and other non-proprietary interfaces.

  • Open specialization 

    Software applications that use of one of our level playing field component products, PLM Components (Parasolid, JT Open, PLM Vis, PLM XML SDK).

  • Foundation specialization 

    Products that use our API and SOA technology for a tight integration.

Program Benefits

Software and Technology partners are provided with a variety of benefits to help you develop and sell your complementary or interoperable products. The benefits vary by specialization and include:

  • Demonstration software
  • Development toolkits
  • Global Technical Access Center (GTAC) support
  • Product training
  • Partner emblem use for your marketing programs
  • Partner profile on our website
  • Joint case study opportunities
  • Invitations to participate in many of our marketing events
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