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QuantorForm Ltd. is a leading company in the field of metal forming simulation software development and implementation. The main offices of the company are situated in Moscow (Russia) and Oxford (United Kingdom). Hundreds of factories and universities around the world use QuantorForm programs. The company’s goal is to be the leader in metal forming simulation programs. QuantorForm’s programs utilize a flexible and user-friendly interface coupled with advanced innovative simulation capabilities and adaptive architecture to provide fast, accurate and efficient solutions.

Solutions Overview

QuantorForm’s programs provide a cost effective means to simulate many metal forming processes for tool and technology development and optimization prior to production that can eliminate the need for actual sample production. The programs include QForm 7, QForm RingRolling, QForm-Extrusion, and QForm Extrusion Die Designer (QExDD) with additional modules for heat-treat and microstructure analysis. First and foremost the software provides an opportunity to conduct a detailed analysis of the material flow within dies of any complexity to identify possible flaws related to inadequate filling or the formation of laps and flow-through defects. At this stage the process an engineer uses the software to investigate the impact of the die shape and billet dimensions as well as that of the progression of material flow through the forming process. Once the engineer has achieved optimum die filling, they may pursue further optimization to reduce material consumption, reduce the force required and assure that the product will have the required properties. The process engineer has an opportunity to calculate the stresses and deformation within the dies to improve tool durability by modifying the design. A QForm simulation will insure that the first parts produced are of optimum quality and are produced in verified dies.

The Synergy

Simulation in QuantorForm Ltd. software requires the use of 3D geometry models of dies and equipment that can be created by Siemens PLM products. Users can simulate: hot, warm and cold closed and open die forging, longitudinal and transversal rolling, superplastic forming, ring rolling, rotary forging, fasteners manufacturing, installations and testing, residual stresses and distortion due to rapid cooling/heating and/or material removal as well as quenching, tempering, microstructure prediction, complex shape profile extrusion and many more possible applications.

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