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3DSemantix is a software editor specialized in shape or geometric search solutions. We have created 3DPartFinder, a geometric search engine, that finds 3D models and parts and rank them by order of similarities directly in Siemens PLM CAD systems using a 3D shape as input instead of the traditional alphanumeric characters input.

3DPartFinder Analytics diagnostic and analyze automatically the 3D database to find duplicates and nearby duplicates, monitor a reuse strategy and support standardization process.

3DPartFinder Non-CAD version provides for all users of your company our advance geometric search capabilities. We are proud to offer this advance technology to the Siemens PLM CAD community.

Accelerate your product development, stop duplicates creation, improve productivity and reduce time to market using one of our solutions!

Solutions Overview

3DPartFinder perfectly integrated with Siemens PLM CAD systems will revolutionize your way of working!

Stop searching in vain for similar parts using traditional search engine based on their name, description or part number. 3DPartFinder search successfully for similar parts using their SHAPES or GEOMETRY as input!

Launch 3DPartFinder when you begin a design project and make sure no duplicates exist. You can save time in design using the closest existing parts and models found by 3DPartFinder. Whether you are an engineer, designer or executive manager, you probably realize that companies adopting an automated part re-use strategy have the potential for huge cost savings.

Save important costs using one of our solutions tailored for Siemens PLM CAD and PLM products!

The Synergy

Search parts and models from a shape rather than alphanumeric characters within Vault of a PLM or from a Windows File Base server system, and identify duplicates and/or similar geometry in seconds. 3DPartFinder does not need any manual part pre-classification. It is easy to learn and easy to use!

Main benefits are to help industrial companies and Siemens PLM users to:

• Accelerate development and focus on innovation;
• Stop the creation of part duplicates;
• Optimize and improve productivity;
• Standardize, reduce part numbers and inventory;
• Reuse parts, designs and associated information;
• Improve sharing of knowledge and internal training;
• Reduced tooling, prototype and testing time;
• Save costs;
• Reduce time to market!

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